What is Beep Boop Coding?

The Reader

If any of the following describe you:

  • A person curious about coding
  • A developer hoping to expand their knowledge
  • An interested friend or colleague

Then Beep Boop Coding is the right place for you!

The Idea

I initially created Beep Boop Coding as a way of consolidating my coding knowledge, gained through my work as a developer, and to also give myself a push to try and learn something new. As well as those reasons, I also realised it would be a good opportunity to start documenting solutions to issues I have come across and not been able to solve with a “quick Google”. I am sure the developers among you will know what I am talking about – those days when Stack Overflow deserts you and just won’t provide the answers you need. Now, when I reach the other side of those issues, I have a place to leave the solution for someone else to stumble across.

If Beep Boop Coding can help out just a hand full of people and improve my own coding abilities along the way, this will be worth the time invested.

The Developer

Picture of the author - Sam

Sam Tournier

Software Developer

Hi! I am a Chemistry graduate turned software developer based in London. My professional experience includes: .NET, Sitecore, React and SQL. These skills have been acquired through working in an agency setting and also directly for businesses.

Get in touch

Please feel free to get in touch with me via the comment sections in posts or directly through the contact page. I am always happy to receive feedback and talk to fellow software enthusiasts.