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ConnectByRootQuery in Oracle

How to Migrate connect_by_root From Oracle to Postgres

During a recent Oracle to Postgres migration, I found the keyword connect_by_root very tricky to migrate. In this post, I hope to make migrating connect_by_root to Postgres a bit easier for you all! The operator connect_by_root can return the root…
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How to Migrate sys_connect_by_path From Oracle to Postgres

Moving code from Oracle to Postgres can throw up some issues. Especially when migrating keywords specific to Oracle. In this article, I will show you how to migrate sys_connect_by_path from Oracle to Postgres. In Oracle, sys_connect_by_path displays the value of…
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Recursive Queries in Postgres Made Easy

From my experience, recursive queries in Postgres can be quite complex and daunting to work with. With this post, I aim to break down how recursive queries are structured and then take a look at how they run. Hopefully, giving…
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How to Debug Postgres Functions in pgAdmin

It isn’t always easy to debug Postgres functions, but with this post, I hope to shed some light on my simple approach to this problem. The basic set up of code you will want in your SQL file will be…